On set Coach and Trainer for Actors

by Alex



Hi. My name is Alexander. I’m a native angeleno, former limo driver to the stars, and an educated craftsman of acting. I have learned a tremendous amount about the business from different angles and gathered many years of experience to solidify what I teach. I would love to help you achieve the next level to your acting career. Have a selftape? Need to become more skillful? Are you lost in the business? Are you just starting? Are you seasoned and frustrated by the game? I’m here to help. I will make the process fun and exciting. You will learn to sharpen your skills to be ready for the given opportunity. Through specific work you will understand why talent is overrated. The work is what matters. The way to get better is to sharpen your skills. The more specific your work becomes the easier it is to believe your character. Specificity is what it's all about. If you’re ready to get more detailed with your CRAFT then contact me.

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Why craft? Acting is a craft just like any other craft, especially film acting. Acting for the camera is technical and specific. You gotta hit marks and know how to use the camera. You gotta have talent, skills, and specificity in your work to make a character come alive. Most people in the industry have talent. Skills set you apart. The more skills developed the easier it is to grow your craft into performances people want to see.

Selftape auditions

Selftape auditions are usually $75 for 1.5 hours but if it's your first time it's only $40!!